Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tokyo Disney Sea

Like Morgan said, we're going to have to wait on any long form blogs until we get back to CLE, but we've having a great time in Tokyo Disney. Yesterday we went to Tokyo DisneySea, which is most similar to California Adventure.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

There are six themed areas compressed into a very tight little package and barring a few stage shows, we actually did everything. We even were able to grab spots to watch Fantasmic, which they do Disneyland style on the lagoon in Mediterranean Harbor (their version of Main Street).

Mermaid Lagoon
Inside Mermaid Lagoon

Today we're heading back to Tokyo Disneyland in costume! I'm going as Br'er Bear and Morgan's Br'er Rabbit. We'll post a photo as soon as we hit the lobby wi-fi.

Ariel's Greeting Grotto
And in the role of Ariel... Katy Perry!

Of course, we realized we forgot to post our Top Three for our first day in Tokyo Disneyland, so here it is:

Morgan's Top Three:
Watching the guests in costume
Mad Hatter and Alice meet-and-greet
Explorer Canoes

Jeff's Top Three:
Star Tours in Japanese
The curry at The Hungry Bear
Watching the guests in costume

Morgan's least favorite thing was the internet not working. I think my least favorite was a tie between bug killing and the no internet.
Morgan Note: I don't do bug killing. 

Shockingly, Morgan can't wait to see more guests in costumes, and given how amazing they are, I just hope our costumes don't look lame. I want to go back to Critter Country, I think our on ride photo of Splash Mountain as Br'er Bear and Br'er Rabbit is going to be awesome!
Morgan note: ...and cold. Although it doesn't look like guests get very wet on Splash Mountain here.

And now for our Top Three from yesterday:

Morgan's Top Three:
Meeting Donald Duck
The Shrimp Steam Bun

Jeff's Top Three:
The Shrimp Steam Bun
The Teriyaki Taco
Park themeing - I think this is on of the heaviest themed parks yet.

Steam bun!! 

Morgan and I both agree the rides are all too short. Just as they start to get exciting, they end.

Morgan wants to get another steam bun and I want to ride Tower of Terror and Journey to the Center of the Earth again.

Lost River Delta


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